July 7, 2011

Simple Perfection

Yeah, it has been more than a month since our last post. In our defense, we've been really busy. There was finishing school, attending my older brother's college graduation, moving back to Alaska for the summer, and finding and starting a new job.
There has also been a multitude of biking, camping, cooking, eating, and of course, snuggling. Being back with my best friend has pretty much been perfection. Chuck and I are so close, and I savor the fact that I finally get to see him everyday.

This summer has been filled with perfect oats:
 Perfect midnight sun camping:
Why does everything taste better when you're camping?
Alaskans get excited when they find perfect marshmallow fire sticks!
 Perfect post-camping breakfast:
I can't believe I was able to function without seeing this boy for months at a time. That face!
 Oh yeah, by the way, the man bought a motorcycle. It's pretty sexy:
 Now we can have midnight Dairy Queen runs! Alaskans lived without blizzards until about two years ago. It's still novel, so we still overpay for blended ice cream. Then again, we kind of overpay for everything.
Banana split is the perfect flavor, and the least calorically dense...

 A not-so-perfect-day for kite-flying. Either that or we just suck at it.

We shall post again! Soon I promise!