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Welcome to A Quarter Thai!

My name is Katrina and I'm a 20 year-old film and political science student (an unlikely combo, I know) at Portland State University. I currently work as a news writer for the PSU student newspaper called the Vanguard and live in downtown Portland, Oregon. I'm kind of obsessed with healthy eating, exercise, writing, and Anderson Cooper.  I was born and raised (against my will) in Anchorage, Alaska, spending my days playing softball, waiting for college, and generally being cold. But then I met this boy:

My best friend (and boyfriend) Chuck is a 22 year-old recent graduate from the University of Alaska Anchorage with degrees in Japanese and International Studies. He was also born and raised in Alaska, but his Thai heritage is the inspiration for the name of this blog. He is half Thai. I am no Thai. Together, about a quarter of things we eat/do have a Thai influence.

This blog is the story of us. Chuck and I love to eat, travel, and have our own little adventures. Even though we have been dating for almost two years, the majority of our time has been spent apart; me in Portland, him in Anchorage. Long distance relationships pretty much suck, but ours seems to be working through a combination of texting, skyping, and not-long-enough weekend visits.

This blog will chronicle the things we eat, see, and do, whether we are physically together or not. Although A Quarter Thai is definitely a joint venture between Chuck and myself, I will probably be writing the majority of the posts simply because I tend to get "worked up" about things. I blame watching too many alarming documentaries on netflix.

We hope this blog (our first ever!) will help chronicle this crazy time in our lives as well as document anything we learn about growing up along the way.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions you can email me at katrinapetrovich13@gmail.com

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