April 22, 2011

La Primera Vez

So this is it.
My first blog post ever. 
It's after midnight and I have untouched Spanish homework. 
It's all about priorities right? 
Chuck and I are currently in different states. He's about a week away from graduating college, and I'm not quite half-way through the last term of my sophomore year at Portland State. All things considered, I'm super stoked because I will be flying up to Alaska for Chuck's graduation! Yay! It's only 2 1/2 days, but when you go for months without seeing the other person, you'll take what you can get!
It seems like EONS ago that I graduated high school. So precious!

I'm pretty sure my graduation stole is the only thing I've ever ironed...
I haven't seen Chucky in about a month. I saw him (briefly) in between flights to and from Alaska and Hawaii during spring break. That's right, I went to Hawaii! Sadly, Chuck wasn't invited. It was a purely family vacation. Here's my older brother, myself, and my Dad in Maui (Mom is snapping the pic) on my 20th birthday. 

Hawaii is everything people claim that it is. Really, it is that beautiful. 

My advanced Spanish grammar book is glaring at me; neglected. Once we figure out exactly what we're doing with this blog, things will be more organized. Until next time!

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