April 30, 2011

A Grad Grills

I'm in Alaska this weekend for Chuck's college graduation! The big day is tomorrow and since there's a dinner party planned for Orso's (a swanky restaurant downtown) we decided to stay home tonight and grill some chicken! So delicious.

This is our ghetto way of starting a fire:
This is me almost lighting myself on fire (check the awesome face I'm making):
The lemon pepper and teriyaki chicken breasts:
The final dinner plate consisted of half an everything bagel with a little cheddar cheese and some shredded chicken, brown rice, and a spinach salad. Great easy homemade dinner!
Chuck and I have literally spent the entire day doing nothing...together. I'm only here for two days so we are cramming as much "we" time in as we can. This boy definitely loves meat:
Tomorrow is the big day! I can't believe this little Thai nugget is going to be a college graduate!

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