June 1, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

This is a month past due, but it took me a while to obtain the pictures and videos from my other family members. On May 1st of 2011, I graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a degree in Japanese Language, and a degree in International Studies with an emphasis on Northeast Asia. 


So yeah, I started going to UAA in September 2006, and maybe it took me 5 years to graduate, but I have two degrees now! Actually, when I first started attending UAA, I was not a fan. I started as a computer science major, and that means having sick math skills. Whoever said Asian people are good at math, is a big fat liar, a phony, if you will. I am terrible at arithmetic.....and so is Katy! <3

I like this one because you can see Katy and my mom in the back. Can you find them?

I dropped out of school a semester after I started attending, and took a year and a half break from being serious. I say that because I still attended classes, but it was one or two a term, and I failed them all. There are mixed feelings when I look back at my time off from school. 

One side says, "I can't believe you stopped going to school! You could have graduated almost 2 years ago if you weren't lazy and worked harder!" 

Another side says, "Dude, you had lots of fun back in the day, why regret it? You went through a dark phase, learned life lessons, established multiple connections with people, ended up with so many friends (which I still hang out with and talk to), and had fun the whole time. Man, even if you graduated early, there is a chance that you would have never met Katy."

Those reasons have me thinking that my life choices, so far, were correct, even predestined! Katy is my best friend, and right now, I am not sure where I would be or what I would be doing without her in my life.

I can has diploma?

There is no need to go into detail about graduation. Three hours long, two and a half hours were spent honoring the staff, and thirty minutes were spent spouting off 900 student's names and degrees. However, it was a beautiful day outside and we had a great dinner at Orso, the sister restaurant of where I work currently. After dinner, we proceeded to my sister's house and relaxed and talk about life and random things we love. This time I spent with my family and Katy means so much to mean, and was definitely my favorite part of the day. 

I know my eyes are closed, my mom took the picture, (fail) but I can't help it, since Katy is so pretty!

Momma and me

Me and the ladies

I'll be getting my diplomas later this month, so I will post those soon. Also, it has been so beautiful in Anchorage the last few weeks, even on the windy and cloudy coast down south. Which reminds me, I will also be posting some Alaskan adventures spent at Anchor Point over Memorial day weekend!

Keep Katy in your minds, she will be home in ten days...YAY! That means she is in the midst of finals, she is professional at stuff like this, so she will be fine, but she will be busy.

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